I want to publicly welcome you to the official website of Total Impact Africa Total Impact Africa is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers working simultaneously with well-trained and talented professionals consumed with burning passion to change lives for the better thus making the world a better place for sustainable growth
Total Impact Africa has created a platform that promotes volunteerism and internship with over nine opportunities to improve on your skills and capacity. At the end of any of our program, you will be able to research effectively, analyze with precision, write clearly and speak persuasively. The development of proficient communication skills is a focus of Total Impact Africa practical curriculum.
Here, you will also learn the ability to be an obedient and frank individual, dependable and have the ability to accomplish assigned tasks within agreed time limits, that will possess eloquence, soft speech and good listening ability which make it possible for you to work in a team as well as within a community or group which are all valuable skill for front-liners in every organization.
Total Impact Africa is a place where everybody is somebody, a place where champions are raised and a place to be.
Welcome Home, we love you.



— Our Vision

To have in Africa a sustainable social justice system, a place where transformational education is at the doorstep of all.  A system to mobilize resources to alleviate the suffering of socially disadvantaged people and the equal distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society

— Our Mission

Controlling and Mitigating Crimes in Africa, thus making the world a better place for Sustainable growth.

— Our Values

  • Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Resilience
  • Punctuality
  • Volunteerism
  • Professionalism

— Our Objectives

Teaching Inmates to sit for Cameroon Official Exanimations  and Training some on Vocational Skills is aimed at providing inmates with the ability to effectively integrate themselves in society, the agro-business environment and the educational milieu mostly universities, after serving their term.
TIA decided to come up with this project that has the following objectives.
Ø  Wipe out the idea that imprisonment is an end to one’s life development or emancipation.
Ø  To provide Indormates with the ability to effectively integrate themselves in society and the educational environment especially universities, after serving their prison term
Ø  To reduce recidivism which will in turn translate into reduction in crimes, saving the government money, and long-term contributions to the safety and well-being of the communities to which formerly incarcerated people return.
Ø   Contributing towards the inmates ability to earn honest wages and do decent jobs that are free of banditry, extortion and fraud after leaving the prisons
Ø Assist inmates acquire basic skills on farm management; training some on effective growing of various tubers and vegetables, as well as entrepreneurship techniques, and Information Technology Communication (ITC)



Our History

Total Impact Africa which was initially known as Operation Total Impact was founded by Rev. Sama NDAGHU in 2008 and it operated as an ARM in the United Pentecostal Church in Buea, South West Region in Cameroon. Then, it was a project fully sponsored by United Pentecostal Church as a christian movement.  It was established as out of church program in 2012 and registered in 2014 as a Civil Society Organization (CSO) registered under Cameroon law N0 289/G.37/C.84/VOLII/SAo AJP,  Since 2010, Total Impact Africa (TIA) has distinguished herself as the premier civil society organization to obtain an official authorization from the penitentiary authorities to start Prison Schools leading up to preparation of inmates to seat in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examinations (GCE) Ordinary and Advance Levels, CAP, and Baccalaureate.

TIA has also succeeded in designing a broad curriculum and syllabus of study for her prison-schools programs. This covers courses in: Computer Sciences, Sexual Reproductive Health Care at Prison, Civics and Moral Education, Mathematics, English, French, Religion, History, Geography, Philosophy, Economics, Biology, Commerce and Agriculture as well as education by relaxation with tropical conversation. These programs are operational and run effectively. The teaching programs are all supported by quality inmate orientation on career choices and learning challenges managed by our guidance counseling team.

TIA had created and provided a platform and opportunities in Cameroon where many young graduates with educational qualification but little or no experience of opportunity and space for them to apply their knowledge in a problem solving way or in improving the performance of public institutions while at the same time gaining on the job experience about the working world, its challenges and opportunities to commence the journey of integrating themselves into the economy of our working by starting off as volunteers. 

In the last years, many organizations have noticed TIA profound track-record and We have formed many alliances with several partners, religious bodies and government departmental ministries in Cameroon.

One of the biggest accomplishments of the TIA is its ability to teach inmates to the level where most of the Indormates have been successful in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, Ordinary Level and the Baccalaureate, which is a clear indicator that formal education in prisons is very possible in Cameroon.

TIA ability to motivate more inmates to enrolled into the INDORMATES Project. Currently, inmates are following their lessons in the halls at the prisons, which is a substantial indicator for the necessity of continued education in the prisons by TIA

TIA ability to expand and replicate the (GCE) program for inmates in other prisons in Cameroon has proven to be another huge significant achievement.

The successful celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the National Youth Day in the Buea Central Prison.

One of the Indormates who were successful in this June 2016 GEC A/L have been admitted into the University of Buea to read Political Science while Buea central Prison and the Indormates who had Baccalaureate in 2015 in Kribi Prison is reading Geography in one University in Yaoundé. 

The successful commemoration of the day of the Africa Child in the Buea Central Prison.

TIA ability to mobilized 30 organizations as a synergy to carry on the all-round cleanup campaign and medical outreach in the Buea Central Prison April 2017 and in June 2018..

Meet Our Team


sama ndaghu

Resource Mobilization Director

tiku olivia

Project Coordinator

godlove sicca


Total Impact Africa has opened membership to the general public
If you are interested to become a member with TIA, find the following responsibility and benefits
Responsibility and Benefits

  • Attend our annual general assembly meetings
  • Represent and Participate in national and International Meetings
  • Have a Copy of our newsletters and annual reports
  • Have an annual certificate of membership.


Membership Contribution 
Member ship Contribution to support events, printing of brochures, T-Shirts, Caps, newsletters and annual reports
Nationals: $ 50 (25,000 FRS) Annually.
Internationals: $100 (60,000 FRS) Annually.

Bank Information

  • Account Name: Total Impact Africa
  • Account Number:CCA3300453330201
  • IBAN:CCA3300453330201
  • Bank Swift Code:  CCAMCMCY


Contact information
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Tel: (00237) 675933943, 243789674.