Total Impact Africa

The Ambassadors of Hope

Creating and providing a platform in Africa for National and International volunteerism and internship

Total Impact Africa (TIA) had created and provided a platform and opportunities in Africa where many young graduates with educational qualification but little or no experience of opportunity and space for them to apply their knowledge in a problem solving way or in improving the performance of public institutions while at the same time gaining on the job experience about the working world, its challenges and opportunities to commence the journey of integrating themselves into the economy of our working by starting off as volunteers. We equally have a platform for National and International interns to march classroom study and practical in field experience. This is possible with our numerous programs and activities.

It is worth noting that the aspect of volunteering and being an intern is a huge challenge faced by most Cameroonian youths today. One of the keys behind every great or successful man is the ability to serve. Whenever we talk of being resourceful and productive, it starts with an individual who has understood that life is not all about gaining knowledge but there comes a time when there is need to give out what you have gained. With this in mind, volunteers and interns are given the opportunity to put to practice what they have learnt. About 85% of Cameroon youths see volunteerism as a waste of time. That is why it is very easy for youths to follow their education to the level of PhD without any iota of experience or putting to practice what they have learnt. This is a lapse and if most youths are not gotten out of such stereotypical mentality, we cannot successfully envisage an emergent Africa in 2035. As a result, TIA encourages volunteerism and interns to explore and perfect their potentials through them. The organization nurtures and help them gain adequate experience in any field of life. The goal here is to widen the horizon of young interns and volunteers. Proper sensitization will be done as to why they want to carry out their internship in a particular field. They will equally be taught about other necessities in the life of youths; be it a graduate or a student. However, in anything you do, always strive to meet a need. Endeavor to reach out to at least one person on a daily basis. This and much more are some of the objectives of TIA and that is the same message that will be transmitted to every intern and volunteer.

When most youths understand the necessity of volunteering or carrying out an internship in our organization, the impact they create will speak for them. We believe in youths maximizing and utilizing their inborn potentials and skills. Therefore, this is the sole medium to effectively carry out such. TIA is thus open for volunteers and interns who are eager to gain practical experience in a virtual world. This is an opportunity for them to learn some fundamentals about today’s world and strategically position them (both physically and psychologically) into becoming great men and women with the sole aim of using their resources as a means to reach out to their communities.