The Prison Project

Transforming Prison Yards into Dormitory School. Also known as the INDORMATE Project.

Teaching Prison Inmates in Cameroon to sit for official exanimations and acquiring vocational skills” are aimed at providing inmates in the identified prisons in Cameroon with the ability to effectively integrate themselves in society, the agro-business environments and the Educational milieu especially universities, after serving their prison term.”

Total Impact Africa has a bold Mission to TRANSFORM PRISON YARDS INTO DORMITORY SCHOOLS; that is, bringing formal education into the very heart of detention, thus, giving the inmates total quality transformation and happy freedom. Providing formal education to incarcerated and quarantined youths in prisons in Cameroon constitutes a priority for our organization. We believe that offering second chance education to young people in prisons can significantly motivate them to become responsible citizens capable of contributing positively in developing the society upon their release.

A study carried out by Total Impact Africa Organization (TIA-ORG) in 2010 on prison educational programs noted that, prisons in Cameroon have little or no facilities, resources, or programs to support inmates there. Though there are more than 80 prisons in Cameroon, most inmates in these prisons, do not have the opportunity to receive a second chance education and learning, which could transform them into professionals in the foreseeable future. The study observed a very discouraging statistics on the current recidivism rate that 7 out of 10 persons who are formerly incarcerated will commit a new crime and 70% will end up back in prison within three years. Given that about 95 out of every 100 incarcerated persons eventually rejoin society, it is crucial that we develop programs and tools to assist them integrate themselves in society. We believe providing a second chance education to these young inmates will give them easy access to integrate themselves into the educational environment or university and can significantly motivate them to become responsible citizens, capable of contributing positively in developing the society. Improving on the quality of training and education in this correctional center is thus of crucial importance to TIA.

Why Prison Education?

Prison education, also known as Inmate Education and Correctional Education, is a broad term that encompasses any number of educational activities occurring inside a prison. These educational activities include both vocational training and academic education. The goal of such activities is to prepare the prisoners for success outside of prison and to enhance the rehabilitative aspects of prison Top of FormBottom of Form. Prison education is a means of rehabilitating, re-directing and performing mental reprogramming to the inmates. If you release someone with the same skills with which he came in, he’s going to get involved in the same activities as he did before. Studies conducted almost unanimously indicate that education in prison programs reduces recidivism and translates into reductions in crime, saving the government money, and long-term contributions to the safety and well-being of the communities to which formerly incarcerated people return. Prison education is far more effective at reducing recidivism than only punishment and hard labour. People are put in the prison as punishment and not to be punish in prison. 

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Project Objectives?

  •  Wipe out the idea that imprisonment is an end to one’s life development or emancipation.
  •   To provide Indormates with the ability to effectively integrate themselves in society and the educational environment especially universities, after serving their prison term
  •  To reduce recidivism which will in turn translate into reduction in crimes, saving the government money, and long-term contributions to the safety and well-being of the communities to which formerly incarcerated people return.
  •   Contributing towards the inmates ability to earn honest wages and do decent jobs that are free of banditry, extortion and fraud after leaving the prisons
  • Assist inmates acquire basic skills on farm management; training some on effective growing of various tubers and vegetables, as well as entrepreneurship techniques, and Information Technology Communication (ITC).

Project Impacts

Carreer Building

This project has changed and impacted more than 2500 inmates in five prisons. 600 of them who are out of the prisons are now entrepreneurs, 500 are secondary school students, 15 are university students while 15 are rearing table birds and non-conventional animals.

brought hope

The academic year 2013/2014 recorded An explosive impact and turning point was created in the minds of inmates, resulting from the GCE O/L successful candidates of the previous year, thus, giving birth for the consciousness to study. Subsequently, a scramble for enrollment increased to 150 Indormates, in the academic year 2016/2017.

growing interest

A strong desire to be identified with the victory stories began growing upon reception of successful inmates.. The 2018/19 School year was launched only in Buea and Kumba with mixed feelings in that 670 inmates showed interest by registering and attending the orientation classes

Mental adjustment

This project has helped to improve the morale, created a behavioural change in the inmates. First, because the centre has become an alternative to idleness and crime. Secondly, because the selected training programs made available to them has helped sharpened their value system.

encourage female education

Total Impact Africa has promoted gender equality in the prisons by breaking the barrier of female inmates. Integrating 14 female inmates in detention who are interested in writing the GCE O/A Levels as inmate students in the 2018/2019 academic year.

success stories

In the academic year 2016/2017, the results for 12 candidates were as follows: G.C.E A/L recorded 04 successful candidates. A remarkable performance of an Indormates who scored 11 points with a pass in four papers, GCE O/L recorded 03 successful inmates with one of them having 07 papers.


I am one of the Indormates who were successful in this June 2016 GCE A/L have been admitted into the University of Buea to read Political Science while in Buea central Prison. This Project have changed my life!"
Ambrose Wuangeng
Inmate Student
"I was a student in the 2016 Buea Prison School batch who sat for A/L GCEB Examination.I am proud to say I had 4papers while in Prison, Our studies were not just effective but we also received other assistance from TIA!"
Inmate Student
"When i was detained, I Knew i had lost my dreams. It was shocking for my family to hear my success story while in Prison. They never expected anything like that. Thanks to TIA and Team. I made it in GCEB A/L 2016 while in Prison!"
Ronald Neely
Inmate Student
"Me being the Project Coordinator, I will say this is not an easy task. It requires alot of devotedness, but seeing the seriousness and willingness to learn from the inmates, I am left with no option but to put in my best to change lives!"
Godlove sicca
Project Coordinator

Social Activities

Opening Speech from the President of TIA

Match pass by inmates student

Dance Competition

Drama Competition


Handing of awards