Providing a platform for deviant youths in Africa to be professional guardians of ethics, integrity, morality and honesty in the society.

Other Projects

Operation No Child should call the street Home. This program is aim at removing children from the street and reconciling them to their family.

Breaking the barrier to girls education and giving Africa girls the opportunities to unlock their full potentials and facilitate their way to center stage of the economic environment and to the decision table

Creating and providing a platform in Africa for National and International volunteerism and internship.

Creating an environment and platform for start-up organizations to grow, been mentioned and network to other growing organizations and institutions globally.

About us

Total Impact Africa is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers working simultaneously with well-trained and talented professionals consumed with burning passion to change lives for the better thus making the world a better place for sustainable growth through a variety of programs.

Our mission

Changing the culture of communities, so as to make corruption unacceptable, influencing those seeking public office to exercise good governance and educating the people in participating and maintaining public accountability.

Future Projects

  • A state-of-the-art Library
  • Agriculture (Animals Husbandry and Farming)
  • Wood work and Painting
  • Bricklaying and Construction
  • Computer Training Center
  • Remedial Reading Program
  • A Medical Unit
  • Higher Education ( Ndaghu University)