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Total Impact Africa


Global Relief Service

Our charitable actions are divers and cover many different areas. We are not limited to a specific number of support schemes but rather our benevolent actions are inspired by the needs we meet in the field. Our actions are born of compassion and therefore unlimited. We do what we can to whoever is in need according to what we have in hand. We help individuals as well as groups and even whole communities in some cases. Nevertheless, some of our most frequent actions have been in the area of;

Supporting Orphans

We support orphans especially those in orphanages with food stuffs, clothes, books drugs, beds and mattresses, entertainment devices like; toys, home videos systems etc. during the beginning of the school year in September, we give money to help pay some of their fees and buy books and uniforms.

Supporting Prison Inmates

We visit prisons and preach the gospel to the inmates. We give them hope through sound advice on life in Christ after their prison terms. We give them food and clothing, bibles and books, drugs, bathing and sleeping materials.

Providing for Widows and Widowers

Since there are no specialized homes for this category of people in our communities, we get Christians to identify them in their neighborhoods and then we get to them with foodstuff, clothing, and medication.

Support for the Sick and the Hospitalized

This is a top priority area for the Operation Total Impact. We visit the sick in hospitals and pray with them regularly. We also offer them help ranging from personal needs through feeding, to payment of hospital bills. We also visit those that are sick in their homes

Providing mosquito tent

TIA have taken a fight against common illness around our community.  Its our place to support each other for a healthy life. We have been providing mosquito tent to those living in rural areas and bushes. This approach was to fight against Malaria.

The Internally Displaced Persons

Due to the current anglophone crisis in Cameroon, some people have been displaced from their homes (communities) to bushes for safety. This have been a great burden to us as we have the passion to see they are in good condition. Providing them with food, clothes and other support is our priority.

All Round Clean Up Campaign

disinfecting prison yard

 Total Impact Africa launched a campaign to cleanup prison yards with the aim of giving a better life for inmates. 

community cleanup

TIA as an organization which have the passion to serve its community and encourage volunteerism, launched a  campaign to clean up its community. 

disinfecting prison cells

The Cell being the home of inmates (prisoners). We decided to take this cleanup campaign right into the cell.

Medical Outreach Campaign


Offering free medical screening on HIV/AIDS, high blood and sugar diabete. 

Medical care to inmate

Providing free Medical outreach to inmates is very important to us since they have very little or no reach to health care. 


Free Medical treatment to individuals in our community who cannot afford.

The Prison School Program

provision of School needs for inmates

 Total Impact Africa has been able to provide all the inmate students with their school needs since the beginning of this program with the support of our partners. Our commitment has made us see all the students with their needs, from Books, School bags, Text Books, Clothes, Food and registration in the Cameroon G.C.E Exams. 

G.c.e A/o level registration for inmates

One of the biggest accomplishments of TIA is its ability to teach inmates to the level where 50 of the Indormates (inmate students) have been successful in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, Ordinary Level and the Baccalaureate, which is a clear indicator that formal education in prisons is very possible in Cameroon.

vocational training and entrepreneurship to inmates

Preparing inmates for a better and legit lifestyle after serving their term in prison has been an important part of this project. This project has changed and impacted more than 2500 inmates in five prisons. 600 of them who are out of the prisons are now entrepreneurs, while 15 are rearing table birds and non-conventional animals.


  • Since 2010, TIA has distinguished herself as the premier civil society organization to obtain an official authorization from the penitentiary authorities to start Prison Schools leading up to preparation of inmates to seat in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Examinations (GCE) Ordinary and Advance Levels, CAP, and Baccalaureate
  • TIA has also succeeded in designing a broad curriculum and syllabus of study for her prison-schools programs. This covers courses in: Computer Sciences, Sexual Reproductive Health Care at Prison, Civics and Moral Education, Mathematics, English, French, Religion, History, Geography, Philosophy, Economics, Biology, Commerce and Agriculture as well as education by relaxation with tropical conversation. These programs are operational and run effectively. The teaching programs are all supported by quality inmate orientation on career choices and learning challenges managed by our guidance counseling team.
  • TIA had created and provided a platform and opportunities in Cameroon for national and international volunteerism and internship
  • In the last years, many organizations have noticed TIA’s profound track-record and TIA has formed many alliances with several partners, religious bodies and government departmental ministries in Cameroon.
  • One of the biggest accomplishments of the TIA is its ability to teach inmates to the level where 50 of the Indormates have been successful in the Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level, Ordinary Level and the Baccalaureate, which is a clear indicator that formal education in prisons is very possible in Cameroon.
  • TIA ability to motivate more inmates to enrolled into the INDORMATES Project. Currently, inmates are following their lessons in the halls at the prisons, which is a substantial indicator for the necessity of continued education in the prisons by TIA
  • TIA’s ability to expand and replicate the (GCE) program for inmates in other prisons in Cameroon has proven to be another huge significant achievement.
  • The successful celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the National Youth Day in the Buea Central Prison.
  • Participating on the National Anti-Corruption Commission under the theme Annual Anti-Corruption Plan of Action 2015 for the South West Region.
  • Enhanced training for 500 youths across the South West Region in the Buea Municipal Council fellowship on Advanced Business Management and Public Service Governance in 2015 and 2016.
  • In 2016, we organized a three day campaign on street children on the theme “No Child Should Call The Street My Home” here we were able to mobilized 525 street children from around some villages  in South West Region. We song the children out from the street and reconciled them to their family with follow up till date.
  • Mobilizing 300 youth volunteers in 2017, to help children whose parents have been killed or put in the prisons because of the current Anglophone crisis in the South West and North West Regions.
  • Pedagogic Seminars and Capacity Building for its 30 teachers who are inmates in both the Buea and Kumba Prisons
  • One of the Indormates who were successful in this June 2016 GEC A/L have been admitted into the University of Buea to read Political Science while Buea Prison and the Indormates who had Baccalaureate in 2015 in Kribi Prison is reading Geography in one University in Yaoundé.
  • The successfully organizing and celebrating the day of the Africa Child in the Buea Central Prison with the Minors inmates on the theme; Conflict and resolution in Africa, let protect the rights of every child 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Mobilized 200 youths for a workshop on Non-violent and peaceful co-existing among Cameroonian youths.
  • TIA ability to mobilized 30 young organizations as a synergy to carry on the all-round cleanup campaign and medical outreach in the Buea Central Prison April 2017 and June 2018.
  • 2018/2019 school year TIA registered a total number of 67 inmates.
  • TIA has been able to explore skills of inmates as professional teachers (33 TEACHERS IN DETENTION) to teach other inmates sitting for the GCE O/A levels, registering great successes so far in the previous years.
  • Contributing towards the inmates ability to earn honest wages and do decent jobs that are free of banditry, extortion and fraud after leaving the prisons
  • Assist inmates acquire basic skills on farm management; training some on effective growing of various tubers and vegetables, as well as entrepreneurship techniques, and Information Technology Communication (ITC).
  • This project has changed and impacted more than 2500 inmates in five prisons. 600 of them who are out of the prisons are now entrepreneurs, 500 are secondary school students, 15 are university students while 15 are rearing table birds and non-conventional animals.
  • It has reduced recidivism and translated into reductions in juvenile delinquencies, organized crime, saving the government money, and long-term contributed to the safety and well-being of the communities to which formerly incarcerated people return.
  • TIA has promoted gender equality in the prisons by breaking the barrier of female inmates by integrating 14 female inmates in detention who are interested in writing the GCE O/A Levels as students in the 2018/2019 academic year.