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Transforming Prison Yards into Dormitory School.

I want to publicly welcome you to the official website of Total Impact Africa Total Impact Africa is a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers working simultaneously with well-trained and talented professionals consumed with burning passion to change lives for the better thus making the world a better place for sustainable growth
Total Impact Africa has created a platform that promotes volunteerism and internship with over nine opportunities to improve on your skills and capacity. At the end of any of our program, you will be able to research effectively, analyze with precision, write clearly and speak persuasively. The development of proficient communication skills is a focus of Total Impact Africa practical curriculum.
Here, you will also learn the ability to be an obedient and frank individual, dependable and have the ability to accomplish assigned tasks within agreed time limits, that will possess eloquence, soft speech and good listening ability which make it possible for you to work in a team as well as within a community or group which are all valuable skill for front-liners in every organization.
Total Impact Africa is a place where everybody is somebody, a place where champions are raised and a place to be.
Welcome Home, we love you.



Total Impact Africa (TIA) is committed to developing and championing sustainable solutions that expand and provide education for inmates (prisoners). We are transforming Prison Yards into Dormitory Schools. Teaching and giving inmates the opportunity to sit for official examination and acquiring vocational skills that is bringing formal education right into the very heart of detention thus, giving inmates total quality transformation and happy freedom.


Total Impact Africa is much concern about drug abuse in Africa. Rehabilitating the delinquent taking hard drugs at the joints/terre. Providing a platform for deviant youths in Africa to be professional guardians of ethics, integrity, morality and honesty in the society. The abuse of drugs in Africa is nevertheless escalating rapidly from cannabis abuse to the more dangerous drugs and from limited groups of drug users to a wider range of people abusing drugs


Operation No Child should call the street Home. This program is aim at removing children from the street and reconciling them to their family. According to UN sources there are up to 150 million street children in the world today. Chased from home by violence, drug and alcohol abuse, the death of a parent, family breakdown, war, natural disaster or simply socio-economic collapse, many destitute children are forced to eke out a living on the streets


Breaking the barrier to girls education and giving Africa girls the opportunities to unlock their full potentials and facilitate their way to center stage of the economic environment and to the decision table. Right now, 62 million girls around the world are not in school. Millions more are fighting to stay there. Let Girls Learn is a new effort by TIA to raise awareness about the importance of allowing all girls to pursue a quality education.


Creating and providing a platform in Africa for National and International volunteerism and internship. If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever. Total Impact Africa created this program to educate and encourage many civilians being national or international of the importance and joy to help your community through volunteerism.


Creating an environment and platform for start-up organizations to grow, been mentioned and network to other growing organizations and institutions globally. Total Impact Africa is providing informative and collaborative platforms like The TEAM Program, which allows people to benefit from advice and companionship as they create their organizations. Our aim is to inspire and motivate others to grow.

The Prison School Program

This project has changed and impacted more than 2500 inmates in five prisons. 600 of them who are out of the prisons are now entrepreneurs, 500 are secondary school students, 15 are university students while 15 are rearing table birds and non-conventional animals.

The Mental Adjustment Program

This project has helped to improve the morale, created a behavioural change in the inmates. First, because the centre has become an alternative to idleness and crime. Secondly, because the selected training programs made available to them has helped sharpened their value system.

support us and change the course of lives today!